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The 10 Most Important Google Analytics Metrics.

Analytics Matter.

Building a website is one thing, running it successfully is another, and it is the most critical, yet tedious task you have to get past. Part of running your website involves knowing that you’re going to be getting visitors every day whether your business is still small or has gotten big enough to self-advertise. These visitors will either make a buying decision, read the information on your website, or even refer friends to patronize you. What you want to do is maintain them till you’re able to make them your regular customers.

How do you monitor their movements on your website? How do you know what you have to change to make them stay or keep coming back to your website? It’s simple. You need Google Analytics metrics to do that, and in this article, I’m going to show you ten of them that will help you increase conversion.

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10 Important Google Analytics Metrics

1. New/Unique Visitor Conversion

This is one of my favorites, and I particularly love it because it helps to see if you’re getting new visitors, why you’re getting the visitors, and when. It also allows you to differentiate between a new visitor and a visitor that has come to patronize you again.

2. Interactions Per Visit

This is another important metric for small businesses. You know that you get visitors, whether new or old, but do you know what they do on your website? Do you know how long they spend? Do they like, comment, and share your content? Do they make a buying decision? All these questions can be answered using the interaction per visit metric.

3. Value Per Visit

What makes your business a going concern is the sales that you make. Do your visitors make a buying decision on your website? If not, then you must look into the reasons for that. Also, the value may not be about a buying decision. If your visitors give you positive reviews or help you spread the name of your business or product, you’ve gained some value from them.

4. Exit pages

At what point on your website do your visitors leave the website without making any favorable decision? On what page does this happen? Look for the causes of that and solve it. Your visitors can click on a link on the first landing page to see what you’re offering. After that, they want to see the product. If you’re giving them another link, there’s a chance that most of them are going to stop there. You must make sure that you make the process easy for them.

5. Average session duration

This has to do with the time that a visitor has spent on your website. It doesn’t show you what they did, how they did it, and when they did it. It just shows you how long they spent and it is essential because it helps you make sure that you have relevant content than maintains visitors.

6. Pageviews

This one is a little bit tricky and it’s because the visitor needs to have seen all the relevant content on the page before it can count as a view. Now, you may be getting people to click on your links, but if they don’t stay long enough to see what you have there, then it doesn’t count.

7. Lead generation costs

This is the cost that you place on each conversion that you’re expecting to make.

8. Bounce rate

This is very necessary for your business growth. When people click on your website, and they don’t make any decision that makes your business thrive, then it means that your website is more or less useless to them or your website isn’t very navigable. You need to maintain your audience and this metric helps you know if you’re doing it right.

9. Return visitor conversion

This metric is another of my favorites because it lets you know if your website is attractive and engaging enough to make your visitors want to keep coming. Once you realize that a visitor has come back again, you study the trend to determine why they have returned.

10. Sources for income traffic

Referral visitors, direct visitors, and search visitors are the ways you can generate traffic to your website. However, you must make sure you optimize and maximize the one that brings the most income to your website. After all, income is what keeps your business going.

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