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10 Ways Your Web Design is Driving Away Customers.

As a business owner in this day and age, you well know the importance of owning a website if you want your business to boom and pull in customers on a global scale.

The main objective of a website is to direct traffic to your business and create a strong clientele. One thing is to create a website and another is to maintain the website and keep the customers coming.

Many businesses have well-optimized websites that pull in a lot of traffic, but, after a while, they are not able to keep their customers and find themselves losing a lot of them by the minute. This is because they become less concerned and ‘ content ‘ with what they have achieved that they fail to keep up with the trend and maintain a high standard.

To avoid ending up like that, let’s analyze 10 things that drive away valuable customers.

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Outdated Designs Don’t Work

Designs That Are “So Last Season”

Having an outdated web design is a real problem for various websites. The first impression your visitors get matters a lot, and if from the start your site does not capture and hold their interest, then don’t expect a second visit. Outdated designs may even lead many visitors to assume your business is on the verge of closing up.

Taking Too Long To Load.

We live in an era where fast-paced internet is gold and websites that don’t take time to load gain more traffic.

Internet users have little to no patience with slow-loading websites. If your website takes even more than five seconds to load, expect visitors to cancel the tab and try another site.

No Clear Path Of Action.

People often visit websites looking for something specific. If they are directed to your website and cannot find what they are looking for immediately, then they will search for it elsewhere.

Not Easy To Navigate.

If your website is confusing, even complicated to maneuver, then expect less traffic on it. Putting too many options on the site will not only make it untidy but will also discourage the newcomers from venturing further.

Confusing Homepage.

A homepage is the first thing your visitor will see on entering your website. If it is not able to convince or tell them that you can help them, then they will much rather leave to a clearer site.

Ineligible Backgrounds.

When designing your website, the choice of colors does matter. The color of your background could affect texts and make them hard to read, hurting the eyes of the viewer. This will inadvertently cause a decline in traffic.

Annoying Popups And Ads.

Having too many popups and ads on your website is a huge no-no to your visitors. It will become very annoying, and even direct traffic straight to the competition!

Signup Processes That Take Too Long.

No one enjoys spending a ridiculous amount of time signing up on a website, just so they can buy something or make a transaction.

If the signup process takes too long, it may move customers to other sites where they can do it in a shorter amount of time regardless of the price.

Zero Links To Social Media.

If you do not have any links to social media on your website, then you are giving your visitors the impression that you are not ‘ in vogue ‘ or that you are not trustworthy.

Having a social media account is a right of passage for contemporary businesses to flourish in these times. Failure to have one could damage your street cred and set you back a lot.

Below Par Content.

Customers go online in search of answers or help to make purchase decisions. If your website does not have all it takes to cater to their questions, then you can forget about gaining their business.

Content offers, blogs, client testimonials, and so on, help establish trust and longevity with the customer.



Your website is meant to pull in customers and not drive them away. If you can avoid making the above mistakes, then you are on the right track.

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