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Top Website Design Trends for 2020

Should You Always Keep Your Website Fresh?

Website design trends keep evolving as the years roll by. This is because there are new technologies and new ways of doing things that happen each year. Every business is taking a different turn, steadily looking for ways to break bounds. Indianapolis business owners, therefore, need to keep up with the trends of the year or their company will fall behind. It is in this regard that website designs change constantly.

The change begins with the website designers. They redefine the layout and navigation of the website based upon best practices of the years. Some styles are here to stay and so it’s important for website designers to analyze data by doing A/B testing, rather than ruling them off. At Circle City Digital, we are experts in everything web design and so, we can easily discern what the 2020 website design trends will look like and have gathered them for you today. 

Here Are Some Of The 2020 Website Design Trends:
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It may interest you to know that not only websites are taking up the dark mode trends. Some social media apps such as Twitter and WhatsApp are in it. Therefore, one of the main trends of website design should be dark mode. This gives website owners an option to choose dark themes.

The dark background of the dark mode helps other design elements to be significant thereby creating a good contrast ratio. Despite this, it also helps to reduce the strain on the eyes. They have very good aesthetics and a distinct style, giving your website a beautiful look in general.


Another website design trend in 2020 will be the increased use of 3D elements. Everything 3D has always delighted people as it takes visuals on another level. 3D has been held back because of how expensive it is as well as the technology needed for it.

However, it is readily available now and web designers can use it to create awesome designs. Well, this is still the second quarter of 2020 and as the year unfolds, people are expecting to see more 3D immersive designs as regards website. Then, the boundaries between real life and digital space will be visually broken.


As mentioned earlier, some designs and styles are being brought back. They are just adjusted to fit into modernity. In this way, hand-drawn graphics and elements are being brought back. They include animations, cartoons, and so on. There’s a feeling of warmth brought by these designs hence their return. Of course, designs that are done manually tend to acknowledge the person behind the work. This tells you that no matter how well technology progresses, humans will always work with humans. By putting these into the website designs, it serves as a reminder.


Minimalism With White Space Frames:

This ensures that when a person visits your website, the focus would be on the products advertised or service to be rendered. This can be done by creating a website with web design using the content of white space frames. This helps to create balance as well as lay emphasis on the message to be passed.

Large Typography:

One good thing about using large typography is that you can use it for any website. Using large typography as a website design trend in 2020 is a way to grab the attention of any audience. It can be done with a few words, a large font, and an awesome design splash.

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Neon graphics have never been popular but they’re fast becoming a trend with website designs. Websites are getting flashier with the color arrangements made by their designers. With a fusion of neon elements in dark backgrounds, expect a color pop.

In all, web designs are approaching futurism and taking a greater step. Before the end of 2020, you will be sure to see website designs that grab attention with the visuals, colors, 3D effects, and so on. This is to say that 2020 will be a year full of surprises in the website design world. Web designers are now looking towards the future and going back to the past to get inspiration. Put together, they are prepared to give website designs a different look. If you want a trending web design, you can reach out to us to give you something unique!

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