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5 Tips for a Great Fitness Website.

Health and fitness are what several people are taking seriously these days. Of course, one has to remain healthy and fit to get by with daily activities. This is why fitness websites are gaining a lot of recognition. If you have what it takes and you want to educate people on fitness, you could start by getting a website. Before going on, however, there are certain tips you should know.

For one thing, your fitness website design needs to stand out since there are several others. You should have concepts and ideas that differentiate you from the rest. There should be something unique about the site that would pull people to it. This article is a guide to give you 5 tips for a great fitness website design.

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5 Fitness Website Design Tips

1. Your Design Should Be Simple But Unique:

There’s nothing more confusing and worse than a complicated website. You might just end up confusing your site visitors with different tabs, irregular color patterns, and so on. If your design is complicated, it will be difficult to navigate and understand. Your fitness website should have a simple but unique design, not forgetting the elements and visuals that should make up a fitness site. People are visiting your site because they want to do more for their health and stay fit. Your design should reinforce that. Remember that it is quality over quantity. So, it doesn’t matter how you swamp your website design, if it doesn’t have quality, it’s a good as nothing. 

It’s either you get a professional to help you with the design or you can download free templates from the internet.  Whichever one you decide to go with, just ensure you do a unique job.

2. Make The Site About Potential Clients 

People love a little bit of convincing. They want to know why they have to choose you amongst other fitness trainers. Your website can help you do that convincing. You can attach before and after pictures of people who followed your loss weight training. You can also include pictures of a healthy meal plan and lots more. Make the website about your potential clients and be creative about it. The more pictures you have that people can relate to, the more you grab their attention. 

3. Your “About Me” / Bio

Your clients will want to know who they are working with. You can tell them all about you in a subtle but captivating way. Tell a story that they can relate to and let them know the experience you have in helping people as regards fitness. If you’ve had any struggles you think might motivate and encourage them, you should include them in your bio. Let them know how you were able to overcome those struggles and how you are going to help them too. Don’t leave out any information that may be an added advantage. 

If you have credentials qualifications in the health and fitness niche,  you should include that too. You should let them know why you are in the best position to help them with their fitness struggles. 

4. Get A Blog

Adding a blog to your website helps you have more content that you are sharing with your audience. It could be about personal experiences relating to fitness or random health topics. You can write down meal plans or activities one can engage in to keep fit. Once you are giving your visitors good content, they will keep coming back. Also, starting a blog on your site can increase your site’s ranking. 

5. Use Lots Of White Space 

Using white space on your fitness website makes it look clean and professional. There’s something about the white color that grabs your visitor’s attention. Visitors will be focused on your site’s texts instead of getting distracted and confused by ads. More so, a white background will let them get information from your site quickly and follow your call to action. 

Other ways to achieve a great fitness website include:

  • Optimizing your site’s speed 
  • Using bullet points and lists 
  • Adding a call to action
  • Ensuring the website is mobile-friendly 

A good fitness website should attract customers and let them put their trust in you. To see some of the work Circle City Digital has done, visit our website design portfolio.

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