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The statement “Your business should have a website” has sunk in really well. Now everyone, their relatives and their pets seem to have a website, which is why the online ecosystem is getting crowded by the day. However, as more and more websites get launched, the competition to generate highly qualified leads is getting fierce.

Designing a website for improving its lead generating capabilities is a process which not everyone is well-versed with, the reason why most of the visitors landing on the website end up quitting on it and move onto its competitors.

And the most obvious question rises in our minds – ‘What Am I Doing Wrong With My Website?’  Well, there can be a number of things you might be doing wrong. Let’s cut to the chase and discuss them straightaway.

7 Different Ways You Are Driving Your Customers Away From Your Website

    1. Not Pitching Your Services to Your Niche Market

No, everyone is not your audience. Pitching your services to everybody in the market is the last thing you want to do when designing a website. But, isn’t targeting everybody sounds more convincing? Well, it doesn’t. You see, every person that lands on your website has a different set of goals, intention, and values.

Every action that your niche audience takes on your website should map to its requirements. The user experience of the visitors must be carved in a way that they can find what they are looking for on your website effortlessly.

It’s important to note that tailoring the site to attract a micro-niche has proven to significantly improve the conversion rate of the website. The more close attention you give to creating a website for your niche, the higher the conversions should be.

Not Creating Webpages That Convert

We have seen many business owners commit to a website design before even testing with a few.

Well, even if you are getting a decent amount of conversion through your website, how do you know that it’s not your website design that is stopping you from achieving those magic numbers?

Building a business website is not just about fronting to be a professional, but also about opting to build a website that focuses on conversion elements. It’s only when you experiment with different conversion elements that you will realize what works for your website and what doesn’t.

Implementing different design layouts will help you find the difference in important performance metrics like conversions, site engagement, and bounce rate.

We highly recommend you to execute on testing with designs right in the beginning so that you can experiment with your way to reach your business objectives.


Not Making Your Intentions Clear

The only way to persuade visitors to convert is by providing them the right information. It’s true that before asking them to convert, they will have to first trust your service.

When you communicate the information effectively, you are able to build trust with the visitors as now they know your intentions. However, if you fail to do so, their instincts will make them quit your website and land them on your competitor’s.

There are many ways you can achieve this. Some of them are –

  • Publishing contact information for visitors to speak to your representative.
  • Writing a compelling sales copy that takes them to what they are looking for.
  • Using a high-quality image that resonates with their present user experience.
  • Call-to-Action that shows them the right way.

Not Asking Customers to Register to Your Services

Once you are done with the above three steps, it’s time to make the visitors subscribe to your email list or follow your business on different social media networks.

Yes, that’s important because not only it will help you know which visitors are highly interested in knowing about you, it will also help you to maintain communications with the prospects and retarget them with better content in the future.

To make them sign up to your email list, you got to provide them something in exchange for their contact information. This could be a case study, a how-to guide, or even discount coupons!

Today, email is the only reliable medium of communication present in the market and one must do everything to create a database of their customer’s email addresses.

Not Applying Pop-ups to Improve Engagement Rate

Nothing works better than a trigger that drives your visitors to take the desired action. Pop-ups and welcome gates function effectively when you are looking to increase the engagement and conversion rate on your website.

Popups can be used to –

        • Increase Social Media Following
        • Answer a Frequently Asked Question
        • Promote an offer or new service
        • Conduct a Survey
        • Grow Your Email List

Popups are very effective when used well. They can engage your visitors and make your website a lead generating machine. But, these can get very annoying as well.

If you don’t want potential customers to exasperate while browsing your website, we highly recommend you to put some careful planning when designing and running website popups.


Not Implementing Effective Retargeting

Retargeting is how you bring a potential customer back to your website once he leaves it before hiring you for the service. There will be times when your potential customers will pull themselves out of the buyer journey. It’s exactly that moment when you should run retargeting campaigns to keep a tab on the visitor.

Displaying ads to them while they browse other websites will keep them reminded of you and if you do that often, chances are that the visitor will return and complete the purchase.

To make this super effective, make sure you have clear Call-to-Action on all your ads. Also, keep yourself from bombing them with your ads. You don’t want them to get annoyed, do you?

Not Using Testimonials and Reviews

Word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing available and you should use it whenever you can.

Yes, nothing is more important than letting your potential customers know what it feels like to hire you. This simple communication can help you improve your conversion rate shoot through the roof.

Testimonials tend to strengthen your branding and credibility. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from a client you just worked for.

Final Thoughts

Converting a website into a lead generating machine is a process which involves you being on your toes at all moments.

You will have to take the risk and experiment with different elements on your website.

When you get rid of these seven mistakes, your website will stand a better chance at acquiring an endless flow of qualified lead.

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