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How to Make An eCommerce Website That Actually Converts?

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The purpose of having an eCommerce website in the first place is to convert leads to customers and customers to returning customers/ambassadors. If your eCommerce website isn’t converting, then it is more or less an informational blog. 

If you are yet to create your eCommerce website and you are wondering how to do that in a way that helps you convert visitors to returning customers or clients, then this article is one you have to concentrate on fully. I will take you through a step by step process of creating an eCommerce website that converts.

le choices of font, flashing ads, and complex or busy layouts.

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1. Optimize The Website For Mobiles Devices

This is the most important thing you need to do. This point is not limited to eCommerce businesses alone but to every website or blog that seeks to maintain a good flow of traffic. You must note that the majority of your visitors are accessing your website from their phones and as such the site has to be navigable on mobiles as much as it is on PC.

2. Have A Simple Layout

Beauty and sophistication are cool stuff. However, when it comes to creating an eCommerce website, you must note that your visitors are not intrigued by how beautiful your site is but by how mouthwatering your deals are. 

Create a layout that makes it easy for site users to find buttons that lead them directly to what it is they are looking for on your website. Create several sections and subsections under the sections and make sure those can easily be found by your visitors at first glance.

3. Use One-Click Checkouts

Sometimes it is annoying to have to go through the process of adding stuff to the cart, especially when you are only buying one item. Customers don’t want to go through any form of stress. It is probably the reason they are searching for a product they could easily find at a supermarket in your online store. One-click checkouts make the process easy and straightforward for them.

4. Clear Call To Actions To Create A Sense Of Urgency

Your CTA is what determines if your potential customers will go-ahead to purchase a product from you after reading the description or not. Well, that is even after you have clearly stated in the description that the product will save their lives.

You need to create a sense of urgency with the words in your CTA. Make them see that the offer is limited and may no longer be available after the first 50 people have purchased it. Simple words like “Be among the first 50 people to enjoy a 30% discount” will go a long way in helping your eCommerce website to convert.

5. Have Several Payment Options

The world is constantly changing and businesses are changing along with it. People find comfort in different things and different ways. Some of your customers or clients may prefer to pay for products using Paypal, while others may want to use credit cards, debit cards, or even cryptocurrencies.

It will do your website no harm to have all these payment methods available so that every client gets attended to. You don’t expect your customers to go open a Paypal account just to buy a product from you when they get the same product from another eCommerce site using their debit cards.

6. Showcase Your Products Reviews

To further strengthen the trust that your customers have in you, they want to see what you have to say about the product they are buying. They want to see it compared to other products. Will one serve their needs better than the other? Will one cost more than the other? Does the cost match its efficiency?

You need to answer all these questions for your customers to assure them that you know what you have in stock for them and are assuring them that they get what they pay for.

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    If you follow all these steps diligently and put some effort into taking your SEO services up a notch, you would be amazed at the conversion rate in a very short time. Note that there is no one sure way to convert, therefore, trying out all these will help you find a footing in your business.

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