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Can I design my own website?

Websites are the cornerstone of a business’s online presence. If you offer a service or a product, a website is the best way to legitimize your business and make it look genuine to potential customers. It is a sales and marketing tool every business or organization needs to have at its disposal. Two decades or even a decade ago, the online presence of a business was seen as something fishy or suspicious.

Businesses that were primarily online were not to be trusted. Now, the reverse is the case. If a business doesn’t have an online presence in some capacity, then it is less likely to be trusted. We have come to rely heavily on the internet’s infrastructures which means that businesses must also utilize those infrastructures – one of which is a website.

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Why do I need a website?

Selecting a Domain Name

This step may cost you some money depending on the domain name of your choice. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and small business owners actually select their business names after going through available domain names. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a domain name is simply the name in the URL of your website. For example, our domain name is Domain names tend to be generally inexpensive; however, the more “popular” the domain name, the more expensive it will get. For example, the domain name will cost significantly more than the domain name, Generally, you can find whoever or whichever company currently owns your domain name through a quick search. From there you can offer to purchase it. Some sites you can purchase domain names from are:


Find a Free Website Builder

There are several website builders you can access online for free. Three options are Wix, WordPress, and Weebly. Squarespace also offers a free trial; no credit card details needed. A website builder will help you build the technicalities of your website. This way, you’re not bothered about writing the code that’ll build your website.

Find a Template

The aforementioned sites all have templates you can use for free. A template is simply the layout of your website. A template determines where the search bar will be, the menu button, and other tools located on the website. You can customize your template as we

Design Features

Now, this is where the personalization begins. If you already have a logo, then you’ll need to insert it into your website at this stage. The design features are primarily visual. You can access free design features online at the above-mentioned sites or use your personal features. These can be photographs, videos, and text. This is simply the design of your website. Your template is ready and customized, so it’s time to design your website. Here you can choose the colors, the font type and size, and the general aesthetic of your website.

Business Preparation

This section is for businesses that will be selling a product or a service. If you fall under this category, then you’ll need to include an online store, a cart, a system for ordering items or services, as well as admin members who can access the main interface of the website.

Publish The Website

Once you do your final crosscheck, it’s time to publish your website and go live!

Content, Interaction, and Traffic

Businesses need these three things to function. Without them, they simply would not be sustainable. You’ll need to create content – this could be a blog, photographs, or videos. You’ll also need to improve the interactive nature of your website and drive up traffic through the use of SEO tools and marketing. 

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