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Circle City Digital Web Design Process


Here at Circle City Digital, we take pride in delivering top-notch services to our invaluable clientele. We don’t just see web designing as a job, but as a way of life, an art that should not be taken lightly.

If you’re looking for a company that will design your website in such a way that it transcends your expectations and takes your business to the next level, ahead of the competition, then you’re in the right place.

Here we believe that a great web design doesn’t solely depend on technical subjects such as code, wireframes, content management, or even dope visuals, but stems from having a unique website creation process that works well with your specific requests.

How do we stand to achieve this? Well, we have 7 unique steps to our web design process that deliver satisfying results.

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We Streamline the Process.


This is the first and very important step to kick-start our creative process. At Circle City Digital, we don’t just work for you, we work with you. We make it a priority to figure out your goal for the website before we begin. Information like;

Who owns the site?

What is the purpose of the site?

What is the main objective of the site? (Ecommerce or information)

What should set the site apart from the competition?

Will give us added boost to help design your ideal website.


As experienced web designers, we know that it is quite easy for clients to get a little carried away during the designing process. While we don’t mind the extra work, we much rather help our clientele stay focused on their main goal and remain within budget.

Using tools like a contract and a Gantt Chart we can set reasonable boundaries and realistic deadlines that will be beneficial to both parties.


A good web design will not be possible without a sitemap and wireframe as they serve as the ‘ blueprint ‘ and visual inspiration to achieve your dream website. This process will help us identify potential problems with the web design at an earlier stage.


This process is very crucial as it can make or break your website and should be handled with utmost importance. Content on a website serves two significant purposes;

Directs traffic to the site.

Search Engine Optimization.

At Circle City Digital we are well versed and equipped to offer professional guidance on creating well-written, highly informative, and rich in keywords content that will make your website rank high on search engines.


Creating buzzworthy visuals in your website is highly important as it will help enhance the clicks, revenue, and engagement on it.

Circle City Digital has a team of visual experts that will meet and surpass the demands of every client. We are well equipped for your unique tastes and have the necessary tools to set your visual bar very high.


At this point, all the content and visuals have been put up on the site and it is necessary to test it. This process involves testing each page thoroughly, ensuring all links and buttons are working fine before the site goes live.

We have the tools needed to carry out this process efficiently and leave your website completely flawless!


This is the most exciting and possibly nerve-wracking process in web design. This is when the site goes live and is now open to public scrutiny. This is not the end though, in fact, the work has just begun.

Websites need constant maintenance and fixing to stay above par and relevant. As professionals, we are well prepared for that task and work round the clock to keep your site up to date.


At Circle City Digital we take our jobs seriously and devote ourselves to bringing you the best that web design has to offer.

We know that it is more than designing a website, but rather an opportunity to be part of something great and to make dreams come true. Don’t just take our word for it, try us and see.

You work smarter because we work harder!

Want Help? That’s what we’re here for.