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Diigital Strategies for COVID-19

During these unprecedented times (sidenote: are you sick of reading that, because we are…so we’re going to say “because things are weird right now”). Anyways, because things are weird right now there are a lot of businesses that aren’t sure what to do. We aren’t sure how long the social distancing is going to last, aren’t sure when businesses will be up and running to full capacity and – aren’t sure how long it will take to get business up and running to the scale it was months ago. Due to that, we’ve gathered a few suggestions so that you can build a digital marketing strategy around success during these COVID-times.

COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategies

Set up a website

With stores being closed and people being stuck at home, more than ever before the need for companies to exist both physically and digitally has become apparent. People are on their phones, computers, and scrolling through their tablets at an increasing rate and it’s important for Indianapolis businesses to be exactly where they are – on their devices. The first way to do this is to build a web design for your business. This can be done pretty affordable and, lucky for you, we know some people **cough, cough* we’re talking about ourselves **cough cough**.

Build an eCommerce Website Integration

Already have a website? Great! You’re a step ahead of the game! If you have any product offerings your next step should be to add an eCommerce integration. Make sure your customers can purchase from you with the simple click of a button by building an eCommerce website that has a store full of your products that your customers can buy with ease.

Get Social!

With social media, you have quite a few communication options available to talk to your customers. Send a tweet, stream an IG live, or post on Facebook about what’s going on at your company to protect customers or, if you are closed, what your plan is for re-opening.

Show behind-the-scenes cleaning of your facility. Show the restructuring of your facility to practice social distancing. Most importantly, make sure your customers know you are doing everything you can to protect them and their health.

Send an Email

Just like with social media, it’s important to reach your customers where they are. Touch base with your customers regularly to see how they are doing and to give them a plan for reopen. Utilize emails regularly during this time as laws within each state can change at any time and the governments rules for reopening might be postponed. 


When all is said and done, make sure that you show support to your clients and customers. Just like with your small business, a lot of your clients could be going through significant changes in their own lives during this time. They could have lost a job,  been sick or has a friend or family member who was sick, or been on the front-lines of everything making sure that people were being taken care of at this time. It’s going to take some time and sensitivity for us as a country to get back on track. With open communication and open hearts, we’re going to make it through this together!

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