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It’s 2019, and we are still fully grasping the fact that we live in a technology-driven age. Yes, we live, and we do business in this age and time where all things technology is a major player and influence in our lives and our businesses. This fact also applies to the simple company or business websites. Furthermore, taking into account the high percentage of internet-based customers or consumers, it is not far fetched to say that your company’s website is one of the most important aspects of your business. Especially when you also consider the digital marketing aspect of your business, as a good website is often seen as the heart of the digital marketing campaign. Furthermore, when you add the fact that research shows that over 70% of consumers make their judgments on a company or business based on their website design, you should fully grasp why you need a good website.

Naturally though, major companies and businesses around the world must have caught on to this a long time ago, and of course, they have put in place the best website they could have at that time. However, like I already said, It’s 2019, and in this new day and time, where we have new factors like search engine optimization, mobile web designs and other factors, the already created websites at that time are sure to be outdated. And as you should know by now, an outdated or poorly designed website will, unfortunately, lead to your company failing to reap the rewards a good website can get you. Hence, you are faced with the urgent need of redesigning your website. However, this alone does not fully capture why you need to redesign your website, so here are four core reasons you should do so.


A User-Friendly Web Design:

Undoubtedly, a vast majority of customers are sure to opt out of returning or re-visiting a site after an initial bad experience. The reason for this is quite simple and clear. That is, by this time, your customers or prospective customers are certain to have visited over a thousand and one websites. With the majority of which would offer User-friendly qualities. Hence, they would be used to sleek designs, fast load speed, intuitive navigation, and an all round site that helps to communicate your business offering or brand better. To this, it is important that you make your website user-friendly. Therefore, creating a space where you’re able to properly showcase your business offerings, proudly deliver your business brand to your prospective customers, without much hassle or stress to them. However, if your website fails to do so, you have no doubt created a bad initial impression that may lead to prospective customers leaving to never again return.


Search Engine Optimization Neglect:

As earlier stated, there are certain new factors that will affect your website’s success. One of such factors is search engine optimization(SEO). In 2019 most online interactions for businesses, mainly begin with a search engine. Search engines are what aid customers to get information on whatever product they may be in need of. Hence, it plays a major role in connecting new customers to your business. As such, it is really important for your website to meet up with all the current SEO changes and best practices. However, if your website is older, it is most likely not optimized at all or, it is made in line with the old SEO practices. If this is the case, then your website will surely not show up in the search results for one of your products. Hence, you will be losing connections to new customers as well as awareness for your business brand.


Customer Relationship Management Platform:

In any business today, this is one of the most important thongs to look out for. There is great importance attached to the CRM integrated into your site, especially for tracking your customers account information. The CRM enables you to track information regarding your customers, that is information like customer service calls, where your customers come from, their lifecycle and account activity. Furthermore, the CRM generally serves to improve your relationship with your customers, and it does this to a fabulous extent. However, if your websites were created a while ago, then it probably isn’t integrated with CRM platform; hence, you would clearly be missing out on great opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your customers.


Mobile Optimization:

Gone are the days of just desktops, as we have laptops, phones, and tablet. For this aspect, however, the most important factors are the phones and tablets. It is important nowadays to ensure your website is mobile friendly. That is, your website must be designed in a way that is responsive to searches from mobile phones and tablets. Furthermore, it is quite clear that the experience you get utilizing a desktop is far different from a phone or a tablet. Hence, if a website loads in the same manner and design on a mobile phone, as it would on a desktop, you’re sure to have a bad experience. For example, picture a prospective client zooming in and out, just to read the information on your website. Hence, you should get a responsive design that is able to adapt to mobile-based use. If this isn’t done, you’re likely to lose prospective clients.



Summarily, the above factors serve to remind you that times have changed and your old-faithful the website may be due for an upgrade or a facelift. However, you should take note that the factors given above are merely some of all you should consider, and they are many more you should put into consideration. Also, if you are business minded, you shouldn’t sleep on the advantages that await you, as there are a plethora of merits that will accrue to a new, modern, intuitive and fresh website. Furthermore, I should say that this article is not saying you ought to amend or redesign your website each year, rather, that an objective look should be taken as to if your current website is properly affecting your business in advantageous ways.

If you decide it’s time for a fresh look, then talk to us at Circle City Digital for the redesign of your website. So, we can help you reach your business goals.

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