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5 Ways To Get Repeat Buyers For Your eCommerce Website.

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To begin with, you need to first understand that everything you spend on acquiring new customers might need to be slashed in half and focused on making sure that previous clients or customers return. Many business owners place too much emphasis on advertising to potential customers, ignoring the ones who have found their products worthy of purchase in the first place.

This article will show you five ways to drive repeat purchases for your eCommerce website. These five steps you are going to see here would be overstretched in other articles you may read. However, going through this article and following the ideas will create a huge boost in your sales level. 

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How to Obtain Regular eCommerce Customers

1. Create Tactics That Make First-Time Buyers Give Their Email

Email marketing is one of the smartest ways to keep your clients updated about your business and new deals. If you do a great job at creating juicy deals, you will get repeat purchases just by sending emails regularly. So, how do you ensure that your customers entrust their emails to you and continue to get your emails?

  • Make them an offer they cannot resist
  • Place your email subscription where they will see it on your page
  • Promise to send them updates about what happens in the market or when there’s a related product
  • Make it a part of the registration process

Once you have succeeded in getting their emails, you must now prioritize sending them emails strategically. Don’t just send them 100 emails every day. There is a strong chance that they will not read the emails you send or, worse still, block you from ever sending them emails again.

2. Offer Loyalty A Bonus Or Discount

Consider this an investment to help you keep selling. Give a small token to customers who come back to purchase or promise them incentives for introducing your business to potential customers.

Another way your email marketing can help you achieve this idea is to send discount or bonus codes to potential and returning clients or customers. This technique has been in use, even in your favorite land-based stores.

3. Run A Retargeting Ad Or Two

A customer who has visited your site before or has probably added some items to the cart but did not complete the purchase might need a little reminder that they have some uncompleted actions on your site. You can send them emails reminding them about this and giving them incentives that would make them want to finish up the deal.

You can also use social media as a tool for retargeting your audience through ads. Almost everyone who comes to your website has a social media account and if you tap into the power of social media, you can create targeted ads that direct them back to your site or simply jog their memory about you.

4. Advertise Free Customer Service

If you sell products that might need special services like installation or minor repairs, you could offer to provide those services to your customers. How do you do this? Use the same social media or email we started this article with. Using targeted ads, you can inform your customers that you render free installation and maintenance services.

5. Ensure Your eCommerce Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Who knows if your customer had to trudge through your site to make the first purchase because your deals were the best? If your site is not comfortable or navigable enough for them to use, they may not come back for another purchase. 

Create a website with a very low load-time and simple layout. This will make it easy for the customers to think about your website whenever they need the same product or something similar.

Bonus Pro Tip: Always Ask For Feedback

Feedback is what shows you the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction your customer had while purchasing from you. It will help you see if they will come back to buy from you or not. Feedback can also be a great part of your marketing campaign, so ensure that you always ask for them.

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    As mentioned earlier, if you follow these measures diligently, you should begin to see a great improvement in repeat purchases on your eCommerce website in no time. Note that these strategies will also help you attract potential customers.

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