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Circle City Digital Email Marketing Services.

Email marketing is an often forgotten mode of marketing. Many businesses and companies often opt for social media or website adverts. While these ads can be a good investment, they do not help or improve customer loyalty or relationship. Email marketing is a way to channel the spirit of traditional mail marketing by retaining the letter form mode but with an improved and personalized method of presentation.

The Hidden Gem of Email Marketing

With email marketing, you’re targeting the inbox. This is more direct and personal. Unless the person deletes the email, then they’ll have access to it forever. The problem with social media ads is that people naturally avoid them before considering whether they’d enjoy that service or product. Adverts have gotten such a bad reputation that it’s time for a reinvention. With email marketing, you’re still marketing however, it’s less intrusive and much more personal.

Customer Loyalty

Let’s help you build customer loyalty with carefully crafted email campaigns that are optimized for each customer type.

Brand Awareness

We are aware of the importance of a solid brand image; therefore, our campaign design team can help you produce campaigns that represent your brand and beliefs.

Target Demographics

Here at Circle City Digital, we know the methods of presentation across several businesses and industries. Let’s help you produce email campaigns tailored to your business.

Email Marketing Services!

How Does Email Marketing Work?

With all these benefits email marketing has to offer, it is important that your email campaigns are effective and perfect for your business. This is where our services come in. We have years of experience in email marketing. Here are the services we offer;

  • Email Design and Building
  • Email Automation
  • Content Writing
  • Email Campaign Design
  • Personalization and Optimisation
  • Analytics Reports
  • Custom Landing Page Development

Under content writing, we offer to write welcome campaigns to welcome customers to your email subscription service, announcement emails, holiday campaigns, newsletters to build strong relationships, interactive campaigns, seasonal campaigns, and anniversary or celebratory emails. Contact us today!


Our Plan and Process

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level then a web design may be your best option.


Email marketing is less expensive than social media adverts, website adverts, and traditional mails. Email marketing is cost and time effective.


Email marketing is extremely interactive on both sides. You, as the business owner and the customer, interact in a way that is not possible through the website or social media ads. Email marketing gives business owners the opportunity to monitor their statistics and see which customers are interactive and what emails get the most response.


Personalization is important in a world with detached and often random ads. Email marketing can help you build a relationship with your customers and improve brand loyalty.

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