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I’m not sure if this has sunk in yet for you but here’s a fun fact: it’s 2019. If your Indianapolis company does not have a website, or yours is out-of-date aesthetically, hard-coded and not easily editable, it might be time for to put “new website design” on your list of 2019 resolutions.

The first concern we get from people is “but this is going to cost so much money”, but that should not be the main focus. Instead, it’s important to view that the cost of building a website for a small business should not just be measured in dollars and cents, it should also be measured in the time you spend away from your business, working on your website.

An additional benefit is that your website is not just something that sits around looking pretty. It is a 24/7 marketing tool, it’s a Sales Assistant and Customer Service Representative. Now, with that in mind, let’s take a look at true costs to build a website for your company.

Option 1: You do it yourself. 

There are many platforms available today that you can utilize to build a “do it yourself” website. There are easy drag and drop tools that run about $30/month and, in the end, you might get something that looks halfway decent but the time that it takes for you to learn a new tool and build something from the ground up will take a lot of time out of your day. The loss of time you incur by building your own website can harm your business productivity, which then can potentially lower your company’s overall revenue.

Option 2: You hire an intern/freelancer.

The next possibility is to hire an intern or freelancer to do your website. Sticking with an affordable route, many companies will search for either an unpaid intern, college student or cheap internet developer. The cheapest way most people go about this is going to a digital marketplace site where people bid on your project.

Initially, this option seems like a smart way to save money until you realize that you’re trusting someone that is either young and unskilled or distant and uncommunicable. The time that you spend training your intern or communicating back and forth on different timezones, ends up being a waste of time and energy and you don’t end up getting the final product that you really desire.

Option 3: Hire a web design company.

You hire an Indianapolis-based professional web design company. The advantages of having an “all-in-one” company are pretty easy to distinguish. You will have the following: A dedicated support team, trained marketers and website design professionals, and accountability in the marketplace (they want repeat & referral business). A good website design company will help you keep focused and task-oriented through your website build, train you on the essentials of site maintenance and digital marketing strategies and help guide you through the technical stuff like hosting and DNS.

A professionally-built website by a professional website design company will look great while being responsive and search engine friendly on a user-friendly content management system. You can have all of this right around $5,000.

Contact Circle City Digital to see how we can help your company build an attractive, informative, conversion-focused website that both you and your potential customers will enjoy.

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