Start A Project

Do you ever feel like you head into each day with little-to-no direction? You have your morning routine of getting up, getting ready for work, working your 9-5 job and then head home to make dinner and watch uninspiring TV all night? You’re floating by life and not living with intention – and it’s time to change. Why now? Well, why not?

Currently, I’m reading a book by Shawn Dill and Lacey Book called None of Your Business: A Winning Approach to Turn Service Providers into Entrepreneurs, and have stumbled upon part of the book that focuses on time management. It states “efficiency breeds success, and in order to become efficient, you must become obsessive about how you spend your time.”

Heading into a Monday, I thought to myself “this week, I’m going to focus on being intentional about my time.” So here’s how my day started out:


I started my day out by getting ready for work while listening to a podcast.  I enjoy Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu to start out the day because they have quick five minute podcasts that get you inspired and motivated.

Morning Driving

While driving to a morning meeting, I turned on another podcast, Marketing Geeks, with Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon. They regularly interview digital marketing experts so it’s great to hear from successful entrepreneurs for encouragement and helpful digital strategies.

Work Day

Throughout my day, I kept track of my tasks by using Toggl. Toggl is a free time-management software that is great for small businesses. You can add clients, projects and then just click the timer to get started. That way, by the end of the day, you can see what you focused most of your time on. (It’s also good at giving you a guilt trip in case you weren’t as productive as you should have been).

After Work Drive

After a few meetings, I drove back home while finishing the Marketing Geeks podcast. I felt so inspired by the episode, I decided I wanted to spend the evening dictating the podcast for digital strategies and tools I could utilize to help other Indianapolis small business clients!


After coming home and spending some time with the family, I wanted to make sure I got a workout in. While working out, I decided it was time to shut down all the business focus on the day and have some time for self-reflection. I listened to some music and shut out the world for an hour and loved every minute of it.


As night crept in, I started listening to the Marketing Geeks podcast and got inspired! The podcast was about content writing and, at that moment, I realized that it had been a while since I’ve written a blog for our website. (Bad digital marketer!)

With inspiration surrounding me since reading the book, I wanted to take my new found intentional energy and run with it and that’s where I’m at right now.

After writing up this short 500-word blog, I’m feeling good! Now I know that I’m only one-day in, but like building every good habit, you have to start somewhere!

Now, to keep this Intention Train™ going, I’ve decided I’m going to write a blog each day of the week with marketing resources that I find along the way and time management tools I think other small business owners might be able to utilize.

Hope you enjoy following my journey and stay tuned!

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