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Spamming LinkedIn Inboxes, Don’t Be That Guy.

How To Build An Effective Email Marketing Strategy.

How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers or subscribers, informing them about the latest trends in your business or website. Many adults are careful about and attentive to their emails and take almost everything that comes through the platform seriously. 

One mistake many website owners make is sending too many emails to one person at a time. This is a clear sign of a business with no marketing strategy. As much as people pay attention to their emails, they don’t want to get 100 emails from you in just one month. 

Make your emails something your audience anticipates and not something they always see. If you fill their mailbox up with your emails every day, they might end up blocking you from sending them more or stop paying attention. That would be a clear case of “The boy who cried wolf.” So, what do you do? Let’s get through it in this article.

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    If you are not sending emails to potential customers who subscribed to your email list organically, you should never send random emails to just anyone. The cost of email marketing may never be recouped if you use this strategy. Who needs to receive your emails? Who would likely become a returning client after they receive your mails?

    You don’t want to go about sending emails about private jets to people who earn only $2,000 every month. Look out for who your best or top customers are. What do they all have in common? What did you do for them than the competitors didn’t? Why did they buy your product in the first place? Answering these questions will help you better serve them the right emails.


    It is easy to send random emails to random people 5 times every day. However, what is the assurance that they will pay any attention to the message if they are not interested in your business in the first place? Using tactics that let your potential clients trust you with their email address so that you can send them more emails strategically is an amazing step in the right direction.

    How do you do it? There are several ways to get people to sign up for your email list. Below are some of the tested and trusted ways to do that:

    • Give them an irresistible offer
    • Straight out ask them to send you their email address to get prompts and news
    • Place your email request on the header or footer of your website


    You need to send your customers and potential customers emails. However, you don’t want to choke them with it or fill their entire mailbox with only your company name. That can be pretty annoying. Also, you don’t want to send them at times when they would not be read.

    Sending at the most three emails in one day would do a great job for your business. You may not need to send them every day. Just ensure that each one you send properly delineates the information you want to convey. Also, ensure that you are able to create action-driven CTAs that make your audience want to patronize you.

    The best times in the day to send emails are at 6:00 am when they are leaving the bed, at 10:00 am when they have arrived at work and have completely settled in, at 2:00 pm when they are probably getting lunch, and at 8:00 pm when they are just about to go to bed.


    This might be the most important thing you will do after you have been able to get your customers to pay attention to the email notification. Start by creating great headlines/titles, then move on to create great readable content. 

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