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How to Get Good Client Testimonials?

Good client testimonials are important to prove the legitimacy and also show the human angle of your product or service. Adverts and descriptions are important, but as humans, we are more convinced when we see someone else talking about the product or the service. Hence the essential nature of good client testimonials. Your business needs good client testimonials. However, it may be a bit difficult to get them. Most people forget to leave a written review when they receive a product, preferring to leave a 1 to 5-star rating. If you have a business and struggle with getting reviews, this is the article for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss six methods for getting good client testimonials. However, before we outline the methods, let’s look at the anatomy of a good testimonial.

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What Makes a Great Testimonial?


A good testimonial should be real. We tend to notice when a testimonial is fabricated or fake. A good testimonial has to be honest and genuine.


A good testimonial should advertise and endorse the product or service. This is best received from someone who has actually used your product or service before.


A good testimonial should highlight the quality of a product. It should clearly state the qualities and the experience they had with the product or service.


Lengthy reviews are appreciated; however, concise reviews are usually the most read reviews. They should be short and straight to the point.

When requesting a review, utilize these guides so you can provide the people writing the testimonial with a template or a guide they can follow.

Six Tips for getting good client testimonials.

Check Social Media

The easiest way to find a good client testimonial is to go through your business’s social media. Go through the comments, direct messages, mentions, posts, or tweets. Go through your social media accounts, and you should find at least a handful of reviews you can transfer onto your site. There’s no need to delve into asking for reviews when there’s a chance you already have several reviews already.


A survey is generally a list of questions concerning a particular topic. You can send your survey to everyone subscribed to your newsletter and ask those who have purchased a product or a service to leave a testimonial at the end. This is a great way to get testimonials as well as other information on your customers’ consumer behavior.

Offer An Item or Store Credit

If you sell products or offer services, you can offer a free service to all those who leave testimonials or offer free store credit. Store credit is essentially money that can only be spent in your “store” or your website. This can be a great incentive for customers to leave testimonials.

Use Popups

Popups can be annoying, but they also work. You can try using a popup on your website to ask for testimonials. This is a simple way to request reviews without having to do much physical work or online searching.

Request a Testimonial Via Email

For those who have an email automation service as well as automation and data retention tools built into their website, sending an email to all subscribers who have purchased an item will be easy to do. You can also send the email to all subscribers of your newsletter; however, sending it directly helps you sort through the genuine testimonials much faster. It also offers more customization. You can send emails to customers who bought a specific product etc.

Use a Submission Form

A submission form will be located on your website. It is a simple form that is placed at the bottom of a website or near the delivery cart. It asks for the name of the customer, email, and testimonial. You can place this permanently on your website, so people are reminded to leave a review when they purchase a produc

Testimonials are an essential tool in online businesses. Learn more on how automation tools, marketing tools, and email tools can help you generate more genuine testimonials. Reach out to us today at Circle City Digital.

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