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How to know when you need to update to a new website.

If your website is no longer getting conversions as it used to, it means there’s something wrong. Your website is where prospective customers and clients get information about your business. They know the products you sell and the services you offer. Your website also contains information on how they can reach you as well as gives you an online presence. Therefore, your site should be up to date at all times as an updated site creates leads and attracts customers.

As the years roll by and as innovations keep springing up, your website shouldn’t fall behind. You need to update it to fit into the latest technologies and trends. How then do you know when you need to update a new website?

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Here’s How.

1. Your Current Website Is Not Secure Enough

Security is a top priority for every website out there. Most times, customers are expected to input their details such as full name, number, address, and so on, in case of a delivery. How secure are their details? If your website gets hacked, their details will be compromised. If this gets out, people will lack trust in you and your business. So, if your current website is not secure enough for the information of your site visitors, it’s time to upgrade.

2. Mobile Optimization

Almost every adult owns a smartphone now. They use it to get information online, shop, and do other things. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, it means you need to update it. Your site should let people easily navigate around it with their phones and get things done. If it isn’t like this, you will lose customers and your business will be at risk.

Back in the day, people use computers to browse the internet as there were no smartphones. Since the emergence of smartphones and other mobile devices, several things can be done with them. Your website should let people use it with phones conveniently.

3. No Creativity And Visual Appeal

If your website has lost its visual appeal, you should consider updating it. Something that was visually appealing two years ago may not be the same in the present. The internet is evolving and trends are coming up. Is your website keeping tabs with them? It could be that your design was trendy when the website was first created. However,  it may look outdated and poorly designed now. Check out other great modern sites and see what themes they are using. Compare it to yours and you’d notice that something is missing.

4. Outdated Content

Most internet users get information from website pages, mostly blogs. If your site is not up to date, you will lose credibility. You should keep your site updated by updating new dates for events, correct locations, and trending information. It shouldn’t contain irrelevant and outdated topics. Visitors to your site may think you are no longer in business and proceed to another site. However, if you are steadily updating fresh content, you will get a lot of traffic to your site.

5. Slow Loading Pages

The first thing a visitor to your site tends to notice is how fast your pages load. If it is anything more than 5 seconds, one can be frustrated and will be forced to leave your site. Several factors contribute to slow loading pages. It could be that your site is swamped with irrelevant information or your software is outdated.  It could also be from your hosting provider or your theme.  Whichever one it is, you need to update quickly before you lose a lot of customers. No one is going to wait around for your pages to load while there are several other pages in your niche.

6. Your Site Is Over 5 Years Old

If your site is over 5 years old, then you definitely need to update to a new one. Although there’s no set-out rule for how long a website should last, there are trends and advancements in technology. If your site is not up-to-date with those trends, you may be lagging.

Go over your website carefully and note if it contains any of the above. If it does, then it’s time to update your website.

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