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How to proofread your WordPress Website

You have a WordPress website, but something is missing from it. You look at it and think, “Is this ok?” and then you go and fix something, and then you have to fix something else, and then another thing, and in the end, you are perplexed on what to do as there are too many things to work on at once. Hey, chill out! Close the page and go out for a coffee.

Proofreading your WordPress site isn’t rocket science, but knowing how to do it right definitely makes a difference in the quality of your web pages.

Here you can learn several ways how to proofread your WordPress website:

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Good Old, read it out loud method.

You might notice when you’re reading your writing aloud for the first time that it sounds strange or awkward. You spotted errors or awkward phrasing when you read it silently, but now you’ve lost that safety net. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you’re writing a blog post designed to be read online. But if you’re writing something longer or more formal, such as a cover letter or a professional email, you might want to think about reading it out loud. That’s now what I do. It might sound bizarre, but reading your work aloud for the first time is a great way to find errors. You can proofread your website by reading it out loud. It’s rather useful.

Get another person to proofread

Get someone to read your pages to you, and write down any sections in your WordPress website that confused them. Then, invite a few people to read those sections aloud for you. They’ll see things that your eyes gloss over, such as awkward phrasing, confusing phrases, or awkward transitions between paragraphs. They’ll point out typos, too. Once you’ve finished proofreading, go page by page.

Use a plugin for site-wide proofreading

If you are trying to pinpoint individual errors, the WordPress Spell Check plugin is the gold standard. It checks your content for spelling and grammatical mistakes and lets you know where they’re found. It’s free, and you can install it from the WordPress Plugin Repository. Once you’re in the repository, you’ll see a list of available plugins. You can filter the list by type — for example, and you can view all the plugins available for a particular version of WordPress. Once you’re in the repository, you’ll see a list of available plugins. You can filter the list by type — for example, and you can view all the plugins available for a particular version of WordPress.

You can install plugins by clicking the “Install Now” button next to each. You can see how the plugins look on your site by installing them. Once it’s been activated, the plugin will show up in the list of Plugins and Settings in your WordPress admin area.

Plugins can easily add new features to your site. But some of them can be problematic.

Use the built-in spelling checker

The built-in spelling checker in WordPress can spot errors, but it can’t tell you about them. If you want a second opinion, the Grammarly plugin for WordPress can give you one. It checks your content for spelling and grammar and lets you know how it’s doing.

Proofread Multiple Times

When it comes to proofreading your work, it’s easy to get in a hurry. The last thing you want to do is spend hours editing your work sentence by sentence, looking for errors. After all, search engine optimization alone can take up a massive chunk of your time. So, what do you do? To save your work and your time, it’s best to proofread multiple versions of your content. Editing your ezine, blog posts, and website copy is a never-ending task, so it’s essential to check your work carefully every time.


In the world of SEO, having a well-written website is as crucial as producing engaging content. You can’t afford to make mistakes in your blog. Too many things can go wrong, and one simple mistake could destroy your reputation, your authority in the niche, or even cost you money. That’s why you should proofread before you publish content to your blog.

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