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How to safely update my WordPress Website.

Updating your WordPress will seem a little daunting especially if you’re a beginner, and are worried about breaking your website. Your fears are not far-fetched, but it’s essential to update your WordPress to its newest version, to strengthen its security and boost your website’s performance.

Updating your WordPress website is a regular maintenance task that should be handled with care and precision if it is to be done safely. Before you know the how it’s advisable to know the why. Doing so, will allay your fears and make the process a lot easier.

Update WordPress Website

Why Update Often?


Many WordPress websites that are hacked into are as a result of their WordPress plugins, theme or core is outdated. Developers from all around the world are actively involved in the maintenance of WordPress. They locate, and get rid of bugs, put in new features, and regularly search for security weaknesses. The changes they make are released in a more recent version of WordPress.

Minute changes are updated automatically by WordPress itself, but the big ones will need to be initiated manually by yourself.

This new update will ensure that your website has the newest security patches, features, and enhanced performance and speed.

Now, we know the why? Let’s examine the how?.

How Do You Safely Update Your WordPress Website?

First, you’ve got to prepare for the upgrade. The most essential way to do that is to create a complete backup for your WordPress.

This is usually done automatically through the WordPress plugin, but it is necessary to ensure that you make a more recent backup and confirm that it is stored safely in a distant location.

For a WordPress backup to be complete, it should include everything from your WordPress Database, to your Core WordPress files.

This is a very vital step because it will enable you to bring back all your data if something should go wrong in the process of the upgrade. Once the backup has been created and safely stored, you can now begin the upgrade.

You can update your website to the newest version in two simple ways. It can be done Automatically and Manually.


This method comes highly recommended because it is quite easier to maneuver.

To begin, you are to sign into the admin space of your WordPress website and proceed to the Dashboard updates page. You will see a notification to show that there is recent WordPress update that is available.

All you are to do is click on the button that reads update now to get the update started. The software of the latest version will be gotten and installed by WordPress while you can monitor its progress as it appears on your screen.

While the update is in motion, your site will be put in maintenance mode by WordPress. Users will still be able to see your site, but you won’t be able to install themes or plugins while the update is going on.


This method is only recommended if the automatic process does not work for some reason. An FTP is needed for this method.

  • Visit the WordPress download page to download the new WordPress version.
  • It will be downloaded in a zip file.
  • Extract the zip file to see a WordPress folder.
  • Connect your FTP client to your website.
  • Go to the WordPress folder gotten from your zip file in the local files column.
  • Click on the site’s root folder, your WordPress files and folders are here.
  • Select all the files, then right-click to choose upload.
  • Select overwrite and always use this option.
  • Go to the admin space and click the button that reads update WordPress database.
  • The update is complete.


Updating your WordPress website may seem daunting because your website could break and you face the possibility of losing all your files and hard work! But, there is nothing to fear as long as you follow the step-by-step guide outlined above.

It is very important to upgrade your website, to make it very secure, and to boosts, its performance and speed, both of which will be very beneficial to you in the long run.

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