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How Your Website Design Affects Your SEO In 2021?

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Many people do not understand that their website design can positively or negatively affect their SEO. If your website has a poor design, then you should expect negative results. While your website’s appearance is affected by the design, search engines also use it to determine where your company would be placed on search engine results. Below are some ways that your website design affects your SEO:

  • A poor web design can influence the opinion of a user of your company negatively

Your design can influence how users trust your website. According to a study, close to 95% of the participants said that certain design elements contributed to mistrust or wariness of a company’s website. The elements that have brought about the wariness are popup ads, boring designs, illegible choices of font, flashing ads, and complex or busy layouts.

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The engagement of users on your website can also be affected by the color you make use of. For instance, green has an inviting and pleasing tone, and this means that it has more possibility of having higher conversion rates compared to a red harsh color. So, color has a big role to play in growing your online business and also make it stagnant.

A bad design can ultimately decrease the trust that people have in your website. This can make your overall engagement drop. When there is no engagement, then search engines would have it registered, making your ranking on Google or other search engines drop drastically.

Design can affect the way your website is being navigated by people

Google wants its customers to have access to great websites. This is what makes it to use the number of times that are spent by users on a website to rate the website’s value. Here is where easy navigation and usability of the site help out. When the structure of a site is intuitive, users are always encouraged to keep browsing, thereby, increasing the amount of time they spend on the website, bringing about higher conversions. If your website cannot be navigated easily by users, then there is a high possibility that they will leave the website.

A mobile-responsive design can change your ranking on search engines

According to research, mobile devices have recorded about 52.2% of website traffic. So, you must design a website that works on smartphones. Google now ranks a website first with its mobile version, showing how important your mobile version is.

A website designed to work well on mobile phones provides on-the-go users with a good user experience. This will make them spend more time while browsing through your website, leading to a better ranking on search engine results.

If you have not yet invested in creating a mobile-friendly website for your business, then its ranking may keep reducing as time goes by.

Having a clean and beautiful layout can make your website stand out

You may see the structure of the text as a small element of design, but it plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Just take a few minutes and observe how your website’s written content is being designed. You should particularly examine the text layout, text font, and text color.

All of the illegible spacing errors, sizing, font choices, and crammed content issues should be avoided. If your website has a clean and beautiful layout, customer engagement will continue to increase, and it will also increase their chance of staying longer on the website.

It is also important for you to avoid conveying plenty of texts with imagery. Google will always check your website to pick keywords that would be used for ranking. So, you must fill your website with comprehensive written content so that your ranking on search engine results will increase.

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