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InCycle Gets an Update

Carmel Cycling and Strength Studio Gets an Update!

About InCycle’s Website Redesign

A “congrats” are in order for our amazing client, InCycle. If you don’t know who InCycle is, it’s time to catch up! InCycle began as a Cycling Studio in Carmel, Indiana. Up until recently, their main focus was cycling, but with the new studio locations, they’ve expanded their offerings into strength with TRX, barre and other strength class offerings. 


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Why the Website Rebuild?

InCycle came to us looking to add new functionality to their website to cater to their new location, a strength studio. Content changes were a top priority, but unfortunately due to their outdated website template, making those changes became a more complicated task that it seemed at the start. The theme they had was about three years old. Their theme was outdated and included a lot of WordPress plugins that were out of date and they did not have the resources to update them. 

We knew that the best thing that could be done was an entire website rebuild. We took their current website redesign and moved it to a more stable WordPress theme and page builder, Divi. Divi is an amazing framework that has a lot of flexibility, but is also regularly updated to ensure security and maximum site performance.  



One of the best parts of the InCycle website is its ability to work well with their class scheduling software, Mindbody. Mindbody has some great Widgets and one of their best is their Schedule. You can see what classes are available, when they are available and who the instructors are with ease! 


Have a question about getting started at InCycle? Just ask! On InCycle’s website we added a Facebook Messenger chat widget that allows you to message the studio any questions you might have. It links up to your Facebook so if you leave the website, you can continue your conversation.



With COVID-19, there have been constant updates throughout Indiana. Due to this, it’s important to remain in constant communication with your current and potential customers. With their blog and newsletter, that’s exactly what InCycle does! Visit their website to stay up-to-date!

A Circle City Digital Website Rebuild

We’ve really loved working on the website rebuild with the team at InCycle. They have a lot of amazing classes and we’re so excited for the addition of their new studio. Rebuilding their website was really important so they can keep sharing all of the fun happenings that take place each month! Make sure to take a look at their website and sign up for a few classes. Whether strength or cycling, InCycle’s got you covered so you get a great workout!

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