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Custom Designed WordPress websites, designed to meet your unique business needs. 

Web Design

With a creative mix of talent and know-how (and a splash of pixie dust) we turn web design into art. 

E-Commerce Solutions

Position, promote, and sell your product online with our easy-to-use eCommerce solutions.

Mobile Optimization

Build a website that is mobile-friendly for phones, tablets and everything that’s in between.


Web Design for All Budgets

We can help you gain and keep business no matter what stage of the game you are in. from building a new small business to large enterprises, we have the right option for you! Come talk to us today and let us show you the difference between cookie-cutter web layouts and customized web design. With our help, we’ll build you a website that you’ll be proud of.

How to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Ever had a complaint that your clients can’t access your site on their device? That’s because it isn’t written to be compatible across platforms.  At Circle City Digital, our custom sites are designed to work with smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, and anything else on which you browse the web. Our designs include auto resolution adjustment so that regardless of screen size, your visitors will have enhanced readability. We are focused on creating a user-friendly website for you and your customers that enhances your brand, amplifies your goals, and helps put you above your competitors.


Our Indianapolis Website Design Process

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, web design may be your best option.



In order to provide a custom web design, it’s important that we take our time getting to know your needs. That means our first step is meeting with you and understanding your goals so we can make plan and come up with the best possible options. Making it so that we can help you reach your company’s goals.


Next, we propose a solution designed to fit your companies needs and goals. We will provide design options for you to choose from and help you choose what will work best. Then we get to work putting it all together. We let you be a part of the process throughout the development process of your custom website.


Now it’s time to go live for the whole world to see, but that’s not where our process ends. After the launch, we begin to promote your business and drive traffic to your fancy new website. The process is called SEO. We recommend SEO to any client who wants long term success without constant cold calling and spam emails.

Prioritize your digital presence. Contact us to learn more.

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