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In a blink of an eye, BOOM its 2019. Gosh, every time you turn on the tv there is a new piece of technology that is coming out just around the corner. This is an extremely important point when it comes to your business and your website because just having a website just doesn’t do your business justice any longer. You need an updated website with updated security, otherwise your previous clients may start shopping somewhere they feel secure giving their credit card info to.

Does your old design has updated branding that matches the current state of your business? Reaching your desired demographics can be a challenging and continual on-going issue. Having an updated modern website, that incorporates your branding is one of the most important parts of your business.


Three Signs You Need a New Web Design.


Can your site be accessed by cell phones and tablets?

65% or more of all people who reach websites today are consuming content from their mobile phones or tables. This is huge! Digest what that means, if your website is not mobile first or mobile-optimized then you are missing your target demographics more and more every passing day. This could be the reason that your looking back thinking, why is my website not bringing me the leads or sales that it did previously.


Site Loading Speed

You have 5 seconds for your site to load before you prospective clients leave. Now, you might get a second chance if they think that it was a glitch, but if the second time takes more than five seconds they leave with a negative impression of your company. If people get negative impressions and they begin to voice those options in your review sections online. Google can begin to lower your rankings in the search ranking making it difficult for new clients to reach your website.




Thinking about or have Re-Branded recently?

If you are going through or have Re-Branded recently, it’s extremely important to have that branding displayed on all your marketing platforms. Many people that you meet in person visit your website and compare it to the logo on your business card and if it does not match, they generally leave your website immediately. Keeping your web design up to date with your branding is especially important when you sell things online.


Final Thoughts

Your website is today the ever-changing world is one of the most important branding and marketing tool for any business. By keeping your website up to date with the changing technology can be difficult, that’s why we are here to help you stay up with the changes tech.


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