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As a business owner, I am sure you’ve heard a lot about Indianapolis Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through the years. It’s an important factor in digital marketing as more and more companies are being discovered online and the competition in the marketplace is continuously increasing.

More than half of web searches are happening on a mobile device as customers are looking for immediate products or services in a local area. They could be looking for your business, but your company might not be present if you don’t have a good local SEO strategy to get you on the map.


What is Local SEO?

Indianapolis Local SEO is different than organic Search Engine Optimization. Localized SEO is a strategic process focused on helping businesses rank within the top 3 positions of Google’s Local’s infamous “three pack”.

The local three are not consistently present within Google’s results because some search queries do not lend themselves to a local business focus, but if you do a search for your business and see a google map with three locations underneath it and you aren’t one of them, a local SEO strategy might be a good fit for your Indianapolis business.



Why is the 3 Pack Important?

Google Local’s top three local results are programmed to help people find businesses close to their current geographic location, and for businesses who thrive on their local clientele, it’s imperative to be on that list.

The top local 3 pack is the first thing that is displayed on Google searches and stand apart from the other search results. They are displayed before organic results and, due to the behavior of most users, typically will be clicked before users even have a chance to scroll down the rest of the page.

Additionally, due to their ties with Google My Business pages, there’s easy access to customer reviews, address, hours and their website. Using this format, users are likely than ever to be able to find the information they are looking for with just a quick glance. With everything right at their fingertips, the easier it is for viewers to find and click your website. 

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