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Marketing 101

So you have done your homework and created a logo that you feel nails your target audience, so what’s next? Branding, that’s right its time to brand your logo. But wait, isn’t that the same thing? No, no it is not! There are many situations where you could interchangeably use the term branding and logo, but when it comes to marketing they are two different worlds. So let’s take a moment to define the difference between the two.


Your logo was custom tailors to be the first visual representation of your company, logo & even your slogan. You can slap your logo on a product and you can recognize it came from your company. But is that effective? If you think about it you probably have a pen or fridge magnet that has a companies logo on it right now! That is what your logo does is gives you the ability to be on a product to stimulate the visual side of a potential client to build awareness of your company.



I heard you put your logo on some pens and some magnets that go on your fridge, well now its time to brand those items. What do you mean? Glad you asked! Each product has been placed in orange plastic that is specifically designed to stimulate creativity. They both have a slightly different version of your logo on them so that they fit on the product in an eye-pleasing way. Next, the client goes to your website and they are seeing those same branding of colors sprinkled across the website, starting to build brand recognition and trust. After the meeting, you hand the client a brochure and your business card, and guess what? You guessed it they both have matching orange branding that ties all the pieces of your marketing together.


Digital Marketing Your Brand

Now that your on the right track to creating a brand lets focus on how to market your new brand or re-brand. Here is a list of several directions that we suggest to start your digital marketing campaign.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Backlinks
  • Citations
  • Internal Keyword Landing Pages
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Google Ad-words
  • Google Pixel
  • Facebook Pixel

– There are more this is just a list to get you started, at Circle City Digital we do a review every 90 days to see where we can improve your viability and web traffic so you won’t have to! Leave it to us to really dig deep and research the market trends and keep up with the most recent Google Search changes.

Branding & Advertising

Ever heard the terms no publicity is bad publicity before? Well simply put that is no longer true since we now live in the age of online reviews. If you watch the news or keep up with sports figures/celebrities you will see that when they get caught doing something illegal or say something that is racist or offensive that companies are immediately dropping the sponsorship’s or backings. This is significantly impacting them as a brand and putting a lasting impression on their viewers. Your product is no different, if you get bad reviews they can haunt you when new clients are viewing you against your competitors when making a buying decision.

Our suggestion? I would begin by having a customer first focused company and branding, discuss your marketing budget and let’s sit down and talk about how we can maximize your return on investment. Go out and do some community events or sponsor a kids sports team, then show up to the events and get to know your potential clients. Building trust and begin to build that brand recognition that is so important in the digital world.  Now that you have traffic to your website its time to begin to deepen the rapport with your clients.


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