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Avalon Spirits

Circle City Digital is thrilled to announce our proud website design partnership with Avalon Spirits, Inc. in the creation of a custom website that we meticulously designed to meet their distinct branding. This collaboration was designed with careful attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the website aligns seamlessly with the vision and brand of Avalon Spirits, INC. From the initial concept to the final product, our dedicated team worked hand in hand with Avalon Spirits, INC to ensure a tailored and exceptional digital experience that truly reflects the essence of their spirits.

Here’s a list of the enhancements we made to the Avalon Spirits, Inc. website:

  • Custom Web Design: We designed a one-of-a-kind website that helps users easily check out the website and find the information they’re looking for.
  • WordPress CRM: We made a website using the world’s most popular and easy-to-use CRM, WordPress.
  • Website for Mobiles Too: We made sure the website works well on mobile phones, so people can use it even when they’re on the move.

Circle City Digital takes immense pride in our role as a creative designer for Avalon Spirits, INC, our commitment to excellence was evident in the personalized touch we brought to their online presence. By carefully developing and implementing customer-centric web designs, we aimed to not only showcase Avalon Spirits, INC’s offerings but also enhance their connection with clients. We look forward to continuing our collaborative journey, consistently elevating their digital presence, and ensuring that their website remains a compelling and engaging platform for their valued customers.

Project Details

  • Contact Page

    Our design for the contact page was to create of a user-friendly contact form featuring a seamlessly integrated map. The contact form is designed for effortless communication, providing visitors with an intuitive and visually appealing way to connect with Avalon Spirits, INC. This innovative feature enhances the overall functionality of the website, reflecting our commitment to simplicity and a positive user experience in every interaction.

  • 3rd Party API Integration

    Circle City Digital played a vital role in boosting Avalon Spirits, INC's online visibility through effective On-Site SEO enhancements. We optimized various aspects of their website, including keywords, meta tags, and content, aligning it with search engine algorithms. These efforts have significantly improved Avalon Spirits, INC's initial search rankings, making their offerings more discoverable to potential customers