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Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friends came to us with a problem: they had a website that was just rebuilt but they had no way to make updates internally because their previous website designer had provided them unmanageable back end solution.

Our goal within this web design project was this: maintain the integrity of the website design, but build out the back end WordPress CMS in a way that was manageable by Bar Keeper Friends staff.

The design was already built, however, we did make edits on pages to improve the UX of the website and also gave the user a more interactive experience. The before and after hero images used throughout the design was an added feature, and we did rebuild the “Cleaning Tips” to make sure it was as simple as possible to scroll from one blog to the other in search of a good read.

Project Details

  • Ongoing Marketing

    Bar Keepers Friends do have new products and marketing campaigns that come along each year. Due to this, we have partnered with their team to build more custom functionality that will help assist these on-going effects on an as-needed basis.

  • WordPress CMS

    Building this website with a WordPress CMS really made this website complete and enhanced the functionality that Bar Keeper's Friend needed in their web design. Creating a website that was easy for them to make changes or updates was critical to the build. WordPress was the perfect solution.

  • Third Party Integrations

    BKF partners with a number of other companies to help increase functionality for their customers around the world. Because of this, we had to ensure that the website we developed could integrate seamlessly with those services.

  • Advanced Custom Fields

    To avoid having to build over 10 custom page templates for page designs that were very similar in structure, we build in the functionality of Advance Custom Fields Blocks. These blogs provided the Bar Keeper’s Friends staff the ability to add on and edit the page as needed for each individual page. This allowed flexibility in the customization of each page and a more manageable website for the Bar Keeper’s Friends team.