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Belt Insurance Group

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Belt Insurance Group

Belt Insurance Group is a company that will help you navigate through your Medicare and individual healthcare choices.  They help to provide you with the information you need so that you can make a well-informed decision.  They are your advocate for health insurance needs.

Web Design Project Summary

Rachael needed a website that matched her expertise and knowledge of the insurance field, medicare, and long term care. She needed something that was easy to navigate for her clientele, very informative, downloadable forms, and strong call to action sections.

We integrated with social media share buttons on her website so that any articles she wrote or information she posted, could be shared for others to read. Belt Insurance Group made the process smooth and easy by being very hands-on during the development and design process.

Project Details

  • social media icon
    Social Media Share

    Social media is everywhere now and being relevant means being able to be found on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. We knew that it was a big objective for Belt Insurance Group to be able to be shared found and followed on social media. So developing a sidebar was a perfect solution.

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    Downloadable Forms

    It was important that Belt Insurance Group had a spot where they could send their clients for downloadable information. So we integrated a PDF downloadable section with the ability to print directly from the website. They needed a dedicated section for the forms because it will become a stable of the website.