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BK Express Bookkeeping

BK Express Bookkeeping is a Bookkeeping and Accounting Firm located in Indianapolis. When getting started, BK was a company that existed mostly out of referrals, but they soon realized that it was time to get serious and develop a website!

When looking for a website design, they weren’t sure what they wanted but knew it needed to be both professional and unique. Due to that, we built a website that had not only a custom home page but interior pages as well.


Project Details

  • WordPress Website

    One thing that's awesome about BK Express' website is that it is built using WordPress. WordPress is great because you can add or remove functionality to your website as needed, just like we did with BK Express.

  • Video Banner

    One thing that we loved working on was a video banner. The video was one great way to set BK Express apart from its competitors and show off their modern aesthetic they try to convey to their clients.