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Books By Brix

Brixton owns Books by Brix and she came to Circle City Digital because she was in need of the companies first website. Books by Brix needed a website that showcases her professional Bookkeeping and Accountant services along with how she can help her clients find financial success. The new web design needed to be user-friendly and have quick access for website visitors to find all the services she can provide. Brixton reached out to Circle City Digital once she opened her new business so she could begin to build her client base and online branding/reputation.

Indianapolis Account Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a custom user interface that is easily navigatable
  •  Create a unique website that matches the company’s branding persona
  •  Design a unique FAQ
  •  Tell the story of Books by Brix and how they help their clients

Books by Brix needed a website design that allows the website visitors the ability to instantly know what services Brixton has to offer. Books by Brix is helping small business owners realize their goals, by being the bookkeeper or accountant they can rely on!

Project Details

  • FAQ Page

    Brixton found it very important to hedge some of the common phone calls and emails she receives by making sure the website had a robust FAQ page. This helps clients find the answers they need as quickly as possible.

  • About Page

    Books by Brix knows how important it is to have the feeling of trust when you are turning over your financials to a new accountant or bookkeeper. Allowing new potential clients to get to know here a little bit before the first meeting.