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Busy Bee Housekeeping

We are excited to collaborate with Busy Bee Housekeeping, a local Indianapolis home cleaning company. Our mission was clear: to develop a modern website, that was easy to navigate and with clear Call-To-Actions that help their clients reach out to get their homes cleaned.  We undertook the task of crafting a user-friendly custom website that effectively communicates Busy Bee Housekeeping’s cleaning services. At Circle City Digital we believe in creating experiences for website visitors, for Busy Bee Housekeeping this meant delivering a custom website that not only showcases their attention to detail but that helps them capture leads at the same time.

Indianapolis, IN House Cleaning Company Website Goals:

The Result:
Through our collaboration with Busy Bee Housekeeping, we helped bring their goals to reality! This helps them to engage with a broader audience and connect with people online who are looking to have their house cleaned by a professional who has such close attention to detail.

Project Details

  • Call To Actions

    It's important to have many clear "Schedule Now" buttons on the Busy Bee Housekeeping website because they help visitors easily contact and hire them. This way, more people can use their services and have clean homes.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Circle City Digital added On-Site SEO to the Busy Bee Housekeeping website because it helps the site show up higher in search results, making it easier for people to find them online. This means more people can discover Busy Bee Housekeeping's cleaning services and book them, boosting their business.