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ChiroFamily came to Circle City Digital because they started a business and needed a website. ChiroFamily understood that they were going to need a new Indianapolis Chiropractic Web Design. One that would allow for clients to quickly and easily understand how they help their clients feel better and how to get information about chiropractic techniques they perform.

Indianapolis Chiropractic Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a strong user interface that is easily navigatable
  •  Create product service tabs for each service they offer
  •  Build a unique design that matched ChiroFamiliy’s new chiropractic branding

Their business is based on making people feel better, relieve pain, and helping with the pregnancy process! ChiroFamily focuses on helping serve their patients, by using techniques that can be applied to babies all the way up to 110-year-olds!

Project Detals

  • Testimonials

    The testimonial section on the website for ChiroFamily is unique because we were able to custom design the elements of the verbiage. This allows for multiple testimonials to be added to the website as they grow their new business.

  • Booking Software

    ChiroFamily needed a solution for their booking software that quickly allows clients to book an appointment at the touch of a button. We created an easy-to-read banner and call-to-action buttons that help the client book easily.