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Coffee Junkiez

Coffee Shop Web Design

Coffee Junkiez came to us with a problem: they couldn’t make edits to their website! Frustrated and looking to do more, they decided to redesign their website to add everything that it lacked. One of the biggest priorities of Coffee Junkiez was to build a home page design that discussed all of their offerings and included information about their catering. We did just that and added internal pages for their menu, testimonials, vlog updates and more! Their new website is a great look for their company but is also a great platform for growth as they continue to add new locations throughout Indiana.

Project Details

  • Testimonials

    Coffee Junkiez wanted to let their customers know how great their beverages really are so we pulled Google and Yelp reviews to their testimonial page so customers could visit them all in one place!

  • Menu

    Coffee Junkiez has a massive menu of custom beverages they offer so they needed an easy-to-navigate menu page that showcased these options. We built them a colorful menu page that showcased drink options in a fun and creative way!