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Enterforce, Inc.

Enterforce came to Circle City Digital because they were in need of a modern website redesign. Previously their website was built towards getting visitor emails via offering free infographics, but this was no longer the route they preferred to go. We designed a website that focuses on professionalism and building client trust. The new website needed to have a modern and professional design, show diversity in the workplace, and showcase their case studies.

Indianapolis Workforce Solutions Web Design Goals:

  •  Showcase Trustworthiness
  •  Case Studies Custom Post Type
  •  Develop a Custom Careers Page
  •  Tell the story of Enterforce provides Workforce Solutions

Enterforce was in need of a website design that is up to today’s web standards, a design that customers are more apt to contact the company for their Workforce Solutions. Enterforce is a Workforce Solutions company that believes there is a better way to find talent that your organization needs, which is efficient, less stressful, and more effective than your current processes!

Project Details

  • Custom Careers Forms

    Enterforce was in need of a way that website visitors can apply for jobs, not only to Enterforce as an employer but also to other companies. We developed a custom form and website landing page that allows the website visitor to decided if they want to apply for Enterforce or another company.

  • Case Studies Custom Post Type

    Enterforce has helped countless companies get their organizations on board with their Workforce Solutions, to build digital trust Enterforce needed a way to showcase their case studies. We developed a custom post type that allows for blog-type posts to be created for each individual Case Study.