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Every Voice is Heard

Every Voice is Heard came to Circle City Digital because Lynne was in need of a website design update. Lynne loved the look of her current website and wanted to keep as many elements of the current site as possible. Yet, upgrade to so that the site is mobile responsive and works with more modern browsers. Every Voice is Heard understood that the business was going to need a new Business Coaching Web Design. One that would allow for clients to quickly and easily navigate the Every Voice is Heard Website, with strong Call-To-Action buttons to contact Lynne online.

Indianapolis Business Coaching Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a custom user interface that is easily navigatable
  •  Create a fun and unique website that matches the company’s branding persona
  •  Design a unique & personal blog that follows the companies journey to success
  •  Tell the story of Lynne and how she coaches her business clients

Every Voice is heard wanted website that matches their branding and personality while keeping the integral structure of the previous website. Lynne writes a monthly blog to keep people updated on Business Coaching Industry news and events. Lynne enjoys making sure her clients are well informed on current topics to help their business to find success, no matter what industry they are in.

Project Details

  • Site Recovery

    Every Voice is Heard's previous website was starting to age and starting to crash often, so we continually had to debug and figure out what was causing the site to go down. Lynne decided it was time to upgrade to a new site so that we could have a more stable web design environment for her business coaching content.

  • Site Upgrade

    A major focus for Every Voice is Heard's new website was to make sure that the new site was mobile optimized for tablets and mobile phones. The previous site had aged to the point where it was no longer optimized for all mobile devices, which caused issues on several new phones and tables.