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First Look

First Look came to Circle City Digital because they were in need of branding and a new website redesign, they are a start-up business that was in need of creating their first Digital Footprint. The branding and the website design focused on page load speed and creating a minimalistic yet informational look and feel. First Look wanted the custom web design to have a strong call to action, and a brand design that matched the fast pace of the car industry.

Indianapolis Automotive Website Goals:

  • Create a strong call to action
  • Branding designed specifically for the car industry
  • Create a web design that matches the company’s brand
  •  Tell the story of First Look and how they help their clients

First Look needed a website design that allows the website visitors the ability for web visitors to instantly know what car auction services they offer. First Look is an Indianapolis car auction company that makes selling your car that doesn’t fit the dealership’s criteria easy!

Project Details

  • Strong Call To Actions

    The importance of having a strong call to action sections on the website, was a focus for First Look. Making it easy for their web visitors to get in contact to find out how much they could get for their vehicle.

  • Custom Navigation Bar

    A custom navigation bar was created to fit the branding of First Look, the logo was designed to have the look and feel of a car emblem. So we designed a custom navigation bar that also has the feel of a car emblem to match the branding.