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Gigabyte Guys

Gigabyte Guys is IT company that really focuses on its managed services, so they can best serve their clients. By providing them with a managed IT service clients can have access to submit tickets any time they are having trouble with their technologies. Gigabyte Guys came to us with an outdated website that no longer fit the services they are now offering.

Circle City Digital Created a custom website design that made the navigation of the website easy to use. Working with Michael to get to know the company better, really allowed us to get a grasp on exactly what his web needs were and allowed us to execute an awesome web design.

We integrated plugin’s to give them the functionality he needed for submitting tickets, troubleshooting, and setting up priority lists. Gigabyte Guys was a pleasure to work with and were very hands on the entire website creation process!

Project Details

  • Support Ticket Submission

    One of the most important things for Gigabyte Guy's new website was having the ability for his managed clients to submit a ticket via the website. We created and integrated a third-party application to the website to make it easy for them to access and submit a ticket for troubleshooting any issues they might have.

  • Priority Listing

    Gigabyte Guys has several clients a day that need help with their IT troubleshooting, so they needed a way that they could prioritize each issue. We implemented the ability to change the priority level of each ticket to have the ability to be Rush, Immediate, No Rush, Next Visit. Allowing Gigabyte Guys to keep organized and plan each day according to client needs.