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Gratefulist Vodka

Gratefulist Vodka came to Circle City Digital because they started a vodka spirits business and they were in need of website development. Gratefulist Vodka understood that they were going to need a new Indianapolis Alcohol Web Design. One that would allow for clients to quickly and easily understand the Gratefulist Community and just exactly what it means to be a Gratefulst.

Indianapolis Alcohol Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a custom user interface that is easily navigatable
  •  Create custom interior pages that match the branding of a high-end vodka company
  •  Design a unique timeline that follows the companies journey to success
  • Create a unique scrolling banner for the recipe page to capture audience attention

Gratefulist Vodka is focused on making the world a better place one Gratefulist at a time, by leveraging the power of 1+1+1! The bottle is unique and truly a one-of-a-kind bottle because on the back of the label is a dedicated space to writing why you are Grateful, so when you give the bottle to whom you are grateful, they will have a handwritten note.

Project Detals

  • Custom Timeline

    The custom timeline section on the website for Gratefulist Vodka is unique because we are able to document the entire process of creating the company and vodka creation. This is an amazing way that they are able to share the story of their company to the people in their community!

  • Custom Scrolling Banner

    Gratefulist Vodka loved the custom scrolling banner idea for the top of the recipes page. This banner idea allowed us to create a unique way to capture the audience's attention while being able to continue to keep the main focus on the Gratefulist cocktail recipes.