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Gratitude Boutique

Gratitude Boutique came to Circle City Digital because Lisa’s brick-and-mortar store called Gratitude Boutique was in need of a website design update. Gratitude Boutique understood that as a business during Covid, they were going to need a new Gift Shop Web Design. Her website required strong Call-To-Action buttons that would allow for her clients to quickly and easily purchase gifts online. The Boutique Website must be easy to navigate and tell the story of Lisa and how Gratitude Boutique came to be.

Indianapolis Gift Shop Design Goals:

  • Create a custom user interface that is easily navigatable
  • Create a fun and unique website that matches the company’s branding persona
  • Develop a unique eCommerce solution that integrates with proprietary software to sync inventory
  • Tell the story of Lisa and her journey with Gratitude Boutique

Gratitude Boutique wanted a fun and unique custom website that matches the companies unique branding and personality. They support several amazing causes that give back to the community, they also help animal rescues and stay active in the surrounding communities.  The gift shop offers everything from Home Decor, Women’s clothing and jewelry, Infant clothes and gifts, Gifts, Jewelry, Man Cave with Men’s accessories, Food items, Ambre Blends, Finchberry Soaps, B Happy Peanut Butter, Kitchenware, Eat Your Peas Inspirational Books, Prayerful Pretzels, Bridgwater Candles, Bass Farms Goat Milk Products, Greeting Cards, Shoes, Purses and Accessories, and more!

Project Details

  • eCommerce Store

    The custom eCommerce store allows for Quickbooks POS inventory to sync with the website's inventory. Additionally, the website will auto pull selected items in when added to the store's inventory.

  • Mega Menu

    Gratitude Boutique has many categories they offer their clients, so we created a mega menu for the shop tab on the navigation bar to showcase each category. This makes it easy for anyone landing on their website to navigate and find the product they want.