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I Bourbon

I Bourbon came to us with a vision for the new Bourbon they were ready to launch into the marketplace. They had a unique need of being able to be sold online, along with the ability to be found by both potential customers an distributors. We were able to take the branding of I Bourbon and create a website revolved around the “It’s Yours” mentality!

Our goal within this web design project was made of two main parts:

  1.  Follow the simplicity and elegance style of branding, but use bold and strong images that are intriguing to the eye.
  2.  Build a seamless flow with several Call To Actions throughout the website, leading to the sales/distribution portion of the website.

The owner Tripp Whitbeck had a fantastic hands-on approach to his liquor website and helped us keep the continuity of his “non-branded” brand of his bottle. What makes this brand and website unique is that there is no logo or standard “image” along with the name I Bourbon. So keeping the website design unique and interesting while helping build the brand, which is the shape and design of the I Bourbon bottle.

Project Detals

  • Age Gate

    In order to view websites that feature liquor, you must be 21+ years of age. Due to this, we have a functionality that will pop up when you enter the website. That will redirect the user to another website if they are not the appropriate age to view the content of the liquor website.

  • Sales/Distribution Site

    To avoid losing clients during the transition from his website to his distribution site, we had to be extremely careful and create a seamless flow from one website to the other. We were able to do this by keeping the fonts the same the page layouts as similar as possible to kept his branding consistent.