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Indianapolis Welding & Fabrication

Indianapolis Welding and Fabrication originally contacted Circle City Digital for a new logo design for their company. The logo was a vision that their owner, Gregory Lynn had and we helped bring it to life! From there, our next step was to make sure that new branding was reflected in their website design. We pulled in the new pops of colors throughout the site and made everything cohesive. Our favorite part of the project was working with Gregory to select photos of his work to display throughout the gallery. Greg has done some amazing work so the gallery came together nicely.

Indianapolis Welding Website Goals:

  • Contact Form to get in touch
  • A super awesome website design
  • Individualized Photo Galleries

The next goal for Indianapolis Welding and Fabrication is to continue to add to their gallery and do SEO on their site.  We’re looking forward to the work we’ll do together to help get their name on the map throughout Indianapolis.

Project Details

  • Strong Call To Actions

    Indianapolis Welding and Fabrication's website has a contact form on the bottom of each page making it easy to contact them while navigating through the galleries and learning more about them.

  • SEO

    Indianapolis Welding & Fabrication's website is mobile-friendly for both smartphones as well as tablets. That way, you have ease of use on every device.

  • Photo Gallery

    Indianapolis Welding & Fabrication has 3 photo galleries for industrial, commercial, and residential. That way, people who are looking to see their portfolio of work for a project can see examples within that specific area of interest.