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Kevin Wuest is a website that allows users another opportunity to get to know Circle City Digital owner, Kevin Wuest. You can learn about his love of bourbon and ball while watching his Mustang race through the website banner.

Built as a playground for Kevin to try new development strategies, this website has become a great sales tool for people to get to know Kevin, his family, and his passion for CCD!

Project Details

  • WordPress CMS

    Using WordPress which happens to be the most used CMS platform used in web designs. It made it so easy to make changes easily by anyone. That is exactly what Kevin needed, a CMS that would allow them to make quick and easy changes along with very customizable content sections.

  • Revolution Slider

    Revolution Slider is a powerful plugin that allows you to build a completely customizable banner sliders. We were able to use this to create a fantastic first impression for all of the Expo Designs website visitors.