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Leann’s Animal Rescue

Leann’s Animal Rescue Gets A Website!

Leann needed a website badly to help connect people with the dogs that she has available for rescue, that’s where Circle City Digital came in. She needed a landing page that displayed her events, available animals for rescue, how the rescue works, and how to meet the animals. Helping Leann’s Animal Rescue’s site was a fun project, Leann was hands-on the entire way. The WordPress platform with the dive builder theme played a vital role in helping her edit and update her site and kept things flexible with the visual builder.

Project Details

  • WordPress CMS

    Building the website on the WordPress Platform was a no brainer and made the process seamless. WordPress is the most used website platform used by web developers. Leann needed a CMS that would allow her to make changes as her business gets new animals.

  • Divi Builder

    The Divi Builder is a Visual Builder for WordPress, that enables you to make edits quickly and easily. The visual builder of Divi was vital to Leann's Animal Rescue as it allowed us to both sit in the same room while making edits in a visual mode. Making the edits happen in real-time!