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Lumin Air came to Circle City Digital because they were in need of an updated website, a redesign that matched the direction of the business. The previous website was created by us here at Circle City Digital, and it was fantastic for getting their business off the ground and moving! Lumin-Air wanted a more custom look to their website that really matched the business better and that had more “personality” to it.

Indianapolis Industrial Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a custom user interface that is easily navigatable
  •  Create a unique website that matches the company’s branding persona
  •  Design a unique Clean Air Calculator
  •  Tell the story of Lumin Air and how they help their clients

Lumin Air needed a website design that allows the website visitors the ability for web visitors to instantly know what solutions Lumin Air has to offer. Lumin Air is helping school bus and mass transit systems to provide clean air to all the passengers and bring back confidence in public transportation.

Project Details

  • Complex Calculator

    Lumin Air has a Clean Air Delivery Rate equation that helps their website visitors understand how they stack up to their competitors. Circle City Digital was asked to create a custom an on-page (CADR) calculator.

  • Media Page

    Lumin Air often has groundbreaking news on how they help clean air-borne pathogens. They are frequently the headline for other media company's news and blog articles. Lumin Air needed a way to house and showcase their own media for internal use.