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Martin Law Firm

Craig, of Martin Law Firm, was determined to start his own business and sought the help of Circle City Digital for the web development of his new website. Craig wanted a website that featured clear navigation with simple functionality for his customers. The web design needed to have large fonts & easy-to-maneuver menus, Circle City Digital understood that easy navigation coupled with larger fonts would be essential components due to an elderly customer base. The result? A clean, minimalistic design tailored perfectly for effortless maneuvering around the site.

Lawyer Web Development Website Goals:

  • Fully Functional Navigation Bar
  • Larger Fonts
  • Cross-Linking On All Pages
  • Mobile-friendly website

Martin Law Firm is taking the proactive step of increasing its digital presence and optimizing search engine visibility. Through a partnership with Circle City Digital, they are engaging in on-site SEO to ensure that strategic keywords and tags bring more attention to what services Martin has to offer. With compelling content regularly posted through their blog page and by crafting internal content pages, this endeavor stands only to boost both the online reach for our client as well as Martin Law Firm and their potential audience!

Project Details

  • Strong Call To Actions

    Martin Law Firm recognizes the challenge of connecting with potential clients online, so it was important that during the design phase of the Web Development that we include the Call-To-Action sections. The design provides enticing and easily accessible Call-To-Action buttons, making it easy for visitors to reach out, and helping those in need find their legal solutions quickly and effectively.

  • Cross Linking Strategy

    By implementing a Cross-Linking Strategy, Martin Law Firm can give their clients an all-encompassing experience by showcasing the full range of services available. This strategy will provide site visitors with easy access to multiple products and effectively cross-sell what the firm has on offer - helping them discover possibilities they may have not known were possible.