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Pizza Junkiez

Indianapolis Restaurant Website Design

Pizza Junkiez was in need of an updated website, that they were able to manage and maintain. Their previous website was not in a place where they could edit or make any changes, making the maintenance of their website a HUGE headache, to say the least. We made it our goal for this Indianapolis web design project to ensure that Pizza Junkiez had a mouth-watering website and a layout easy to navigate and make an online order.

Online ordering was a must for the website, so we thought about several ways we could make a strong call to action. We landed on making a menu button that was a different color than the rest so that it would stick out no matter where on the website you are at. Next, we needed to integrate the online ordering process.

Integrating a third party online ordering process was needed in order to make the online ordering work. We made the navigation bar “sticky” (follows you as you scroll down the web page) so that anyone can order at any moment! Working with Jasan and Matt at Pizza Junkiez was fantastic and they were very involved throughout the process making our job as website designers much more efficient!

Project Details

  • Vlog (Video Blog)

    Pizza Junkiez owner Jasan loves to do video blogs, and wanted a spot on the website he could upload the videos too. So we integrated into the website an "Owners Vlog Page" so he has a place for all his videos.

  • Online Ordering

    A huge part of the Pizza Junkiez website is having the ability to order online and making it very easy for anyone to order anywhere on the website. We integrated a strong call to action button built directly into the menu bar, allowing their website visitors the ability to order instantly at any time.