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Prince Hall Grand Lodge

Prince Hall Grand Lodge had a website that was very difficult to update and make changes to. They had a website that was just built and managed internally by one of their lodge members but wanted a website that anyone could be trained to take over if needed.

Our goal within this web design project was this: create a website that showcases the lodge, has a membership section to keep track of their members, and a gallery that shows past and previous members.

We were able to create a website that has the member’s section locked and not viewable from their visitors who are not logged in. We made the navigation of the website and the logged-in members as easy to navigate as possible. Prince Hall Grade Lodge hosts events often, so we created an events calendar so people can easily view and attend the events.

Project Details

  • Members Section

    We custom built a members section that allowed their members to view each other profile, message, add as friend, and group by Lodge Number. Next, we set up their menu bar so that you can only access the internal pages by after you log in as a member.

  • Event Calendar

    Prince Hall Grand Lodge has multiple events per year, where their members get together. We integrated an events calendar that allows for location and GPS, Time Date, and calendar setting. So that the members can find, attend and add to the calendar quickly and easily!