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Sew and Serve

Website Design for Indianapolis Non-Profit

With the recent COVID-19 breakout happening worldwide, Erika Pike saw a demand for protective masks throughout Indianapolis and wanted to do her part to help! She organized a Facebook Group with a few friends and, it quickly evolved into a large community of volunteers. As the demand for masks and caps continued to grow more and more every day, it became apparent that the Facebook page needed to build a web presence to allow ease of use for sewers and additional volunteers that wanted to do their part and help!

Project Objectives

Having links go to places on and off Facebook became a bit complicated to manage. Due to this, our goal was to build one place where people could easily click around and access any information they needed when sewing for healthcare workers, signing up to volunteer or finding a place to drop off donations.

The Design Process

With branding established by a volunteer, we had the foundation we needed to get started with the website design. The site needed to be minimalistic, but full of color and imagery.
The Facebook group had a lot of photos and PDF resources we needed to get started with the website, we just had to lay it out in a user-friendly fashion.
The most popular page on the website is the Pattern page. There are five patterns people can choose from and the Pattern page gives people the option to access downloadable instructions or watch a video tutorial.

Project Details

  • Ongoing Marketing

    COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and due to that, the efforts of the Sew and Serve community are making a huge impact every day. Each day they donate around 1,500 - 2,000 masks to healthcare workers throughout the Indianapolis area. To help them focus on their efforts instead of their website, we volunteered our time to help make regular updates to their website. Keep checking back for new additions and to see how you can help, visit their website to see how you can get involved:

  • Google Map Functionality

    One huge part of the website that the Sew and Serve community wanted was the ability for someone to put in their address or zip code and see where the closest place they could drop off their donations for distribution to healthcare facilities. We had a list of 15 different locations with their addresses and the contact person in charge so we built this Google Maps based locator functionality that shows people all of the drop-off areas nearby and gets directions to the one that is closest to them!