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Tessa’s Organic Dog Treats

Circle City Digital had the exciting opportunity to work alongside Tessa’s Organic Dog Treats, a local Indianapolis company that makes dogs’ natural treats. Our goal was to create a brand-new website and improve their online presence. Being a top web design agency in Indianapolis, we designed a modern and easy-to-use website that showcases dog treats. The new website includes an eCommerce online shop, making it simple for potential customers to discover and buy their delicious dog treats. We were thrilled to team up with Tessa’s Organic Dog Treats, helping them turn their ideas into reality and establish themselves as a leading organic dog treat company in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, IN Organic Dog Treat Company Website Goals:

Project Details

  • eCommerce Online Shop

    We created a user-friendly online shop for Tessa's Organic Dog Treats, enabling customers to easily buy their products. The secure payment options and smooth checkout process led to increased sales and satisfied customers. The mobile-friendly design made shopping convenient for everyone.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We boosted Tessa's Organic Dog Treats' online visibility by optimizing their website with relevant keywords and meta tags. As a result, more potential customers found them easily through search engines, leading to increased traffic and business growth.