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The United Supreme Council

The United Supreme Council sought the help of Circle City Digital to modernize their website and give it a fresh look. Necessary features such as an event calendar, members’ section, registration page, and custom document functionality were all included in what would become a truly user-friendly platform for those visiting the site – designed with larger fonts & easy navigation so even elderly customers could experience seamless browsing. The end result? A sleek design that prioritizes intuitive usability without sacrificing on aesthetics!

Scottish Rite Web Development Website Goals:

  • Fully Functional Navigation Bar
  • Larger Fonts
  • Cross-Linking On All Pages
  • Mobile-friendly website

The United Supreme Council is staying ahead of the game with an upgrade to their website. Thanks to Circle City Digital, they are able make use of a fully functional navigation bar and larger fonts for easy readability. Moreover, all pages will be connected through cross-linking while new mobile compatibility ensures that members can access important information wherever they may be!

Project Details

  • Events Calendar

    CIrcle City Digital was able to provide an exceptional solution for the United Supreme Council's need of a custom events calendar. Our intuitive design allows members to quickly and easily find upcoming events, sign-up in no time flat, and view their calendars content through multiple lenses depending on what they are looking for.

  • Membership Login

    Circle City Digital delivered a tailor-made membership login feature that allows Supreme Council members exclusive access to information not open to the general public. With this improved member visibility, Circle City has provided a membership-only experience across the website and given those who need it quick and secure access to essential information.